Bee pollen granules (pure & natural)


Bee pollen granules are carefully dried and processed to ensure there is no damage or oxidation to the vital nutrients. Bee pollen may enhance a feeling of energy and sustain stamina and athletic performance.


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Bee pollen is extremely nutritious. To say bee pollen is only moderately nutritious is definitely an understatement. In fact, it contains nearly all the nutrients required by the human body. It is rich in enzymes and contains all the necessary amino acids the body requires. It is a very highly concentrated source of nutrients that include the following:


The range of protein content is quite large amongst various plant pollens. Bee pollen can therefore contain anywhere from 12 percent to better then 30 percent protein. Bee pollen contains the complete spectrum of amino acids. Amino acids are extremely important to our health. They are the building blocks of proteins, which are needed to build every cell in the body, from blood cells to the cells in your skin, organs and bones.

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals – vitamins and minerals are essential to life and necessary for health. Bee pollen contains most every vitamin known to science. It is especially rich in pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), nicotinic acid (vitamin B3), and riboflavin (vitamin b2).

Phytochemical Nutrients

From a phytochemical standpoint, bee pollen is a powerhouse. Phytochemicals are a determining factor in the color and flavour of vegetables. They act as the plant’s natural immune system, warding off disease and viruses. These same phytochemicals help to increase our body’s immunity and support the body’s ability to remove toxins. These protective substances have also been linked to the prevention of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, to name a few.

Adding Bee Pollen to Your Diet

Bee pollen is a superior, quick and easy way to add servings of produce to your diet. One or two teaspoons of bee pollen is equivalent to a hearty serving of vegetables. So if you’re always on the go, or if you don’t eat all the fruits and vegetables you should, a tablespoon of bee pollen per day is a quick and easy way to dramatically improve your diet. It is a good choice for the ill or elderly who perhaps can’t cook, or digest large amounts of produce. If you’re new to trying pollen, use fresh, soft granules and to begin take only a few granules at a time to make sure you’re not allergic to it. Allergies to bee pollen are no more common than allergies to other foods but they do occur. Be especially cautious if you already know you are allergic to bee stings.

For the above information on Bee Pollen we reference: C.leigh Broadhurst PhD. "Health and Healing with Bee Products" alive Natural Health Guides 28. (2000)

Caution: Bee products may cause an allergic reaction. If you are allergic to bee products, do not consuming any of these products. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, consult your health practitioner before using these or any other nutritional products. Not recommended for teenagers up to 16 years old. 


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