Honey & Bee Pollen (250g)


Do you have swollen eyes, runny nose, sore throat? Do you think you may react to pollen in the air? Don't worry, bee pollen is different. 1000s of hayfever suffers swear by it. Why not try a delicious and wholesome pollen honey formulation. No artificial colours or preservatives are added. This is not a medicine.


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Bee pollen granules are carefully dried and processed to ensure there is no damage or oxidation to the vital nutrients. All of our honey is 100% pure & natural from organic farms in UK and Europe.

Bee pollen is extremely nutritious. To say bee pollen is only moderately nutritious is definitely an understatement. In fact, it contains nearly all the nutrients required by the human body. It is rich in enzymes and contains all the necessary amino acids the body requires. It is a very highly concentrated source of nutrients that include the following:


Vitamins & minerals

Phytochemical nutrients

Serving Suggestions: one teaspoon per day over cereal, on toast, in muesli, yogurt, in smoothies or you can eat it straight from the pot! Avoid hot drinks as this can harm the pollen. Mix well in the pot as some pollen may float to the top. EU law declares that we make no health claims, whether true, supported by scientific research or not.

Data sheet

runny honey
Crystallization period
at room temperature
up to 16 years old
Country of origin
Dispatch time
1-2 days
not accepted

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